Friday, August 6, 2010

Superstitious world

      The world is behind an octopus. In the wold cup football, the destiny of Germany was determined by that octopus. Despite their claim that they are the most advanced and cultured people in the world, Europeans themselves lost their self-confidence by a mere prediction of an octopus. Towards what kind of dark-age the world's most sophisticated community leads the rest population?!
      Even intellectuals find consolation in consulting a god-man for their miserable obstacles. Science and technology are massively utilized for the smooth description of astrological analysis. Scientifically most advanced countries are paradoxically adopting superstitious blunders as well. Religions are being transformed to a guaranteed profitable business. Religions are also were confined in to their emotional expressions as well as extremism rather than adopting their real essence in the life. Apparently, It is obvious that the dark age never goes to an end. Human mind will keep shrinking contrarily in spite of whatever the advancement that has been achieved by the modern science. It is the amazing phenomenon of present world.


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