Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shocking news! Organs also to be robbed?!

     I was really shocked after going through a  report in one Malayalam daily today. The report was about the abduction of a Keralite  newcomer man in Kuwait who just started working in a shop there barely since a couple of months ago.  He was abducted and set free after some hours at an uncrowded area.

     The incident took place during the daytime and which raises many questions since the man was abducted not for money or any other valuable items which he carried then.  Instead, it was suspected to be an attempt to traffic any of his organs probably one of his kidneys as though the narrating of the man obviously indicates.
     He says:
     He was on his way to the shop for his duty at around 3'o clock afternoon.  Some people were calling him to a parked van likely they had to clear some doubts about the location. Soon after reaching near the van he was unexpectedly pulled in to the van and quickly slammed the sliding door shut.  They grabbed his mobile phone and threw the SIM card away after destroying it.  The van was well arranged medically like an ambulance and they checked his blood group by getting his civil ID card at first. The two of three kidnappers were locals seemingly doctors while the other one was seemingly Pakistani who spoke Urdu.  The man panicked and started yelling when he listened the kidnappers discussed about his blood group.

     The Urdu speaking person sedated the man by letting him sniff chloroform and he doesn't remember what was happening after he fell unconscious.  The buttons of his shirt were unhooked when he woke up after some hours. It's significant that they were taking several tests on his body while he was unconscious. He had been cautioned fatal consequences in case he would inform anybody about the incident. They were dropping him off at an isolated area far away from the city at 12'o clock in the night.

     He was completely scared and taken back to the home by the help of some shop people of where he was dropped off.  He is also helpless to leave a petition to the police because of being  his visa a 'Qadim' one which would face several legal complications.

     This kind of incidents, however, leave anxiety in the heart of commoners who walk through the road carelessly.  What guarantee we can offer to our precious organs if they could be robbed like our wrist watch, mobile phone or money wallet etc...?


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