Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get a free laptop!

     Let me say first, my dear friends, neither am I going to give anyone of you a free laptop nor guiding you towards such an opportunity.  One of my friends forwarded me an email the other day, with a content offering me a free laptop, made me posting this topic.  In order to own the gift, as per the email, only I had to do was to forward the same email to some of my friends, putting a CC to the owner of email.
     It says.
     "Ericsson is distributing free laptops for their brand promotion.  They hope to increase their popularity and sale by this campaign. All you need to do is send an email about this promotion to 8 people and you will receive an Ericsson T18 laptop. 
     However, if you send an email to 20 or more people, you will receive an Ericsson R320 laptop.
     Make sure you send a copy to .............(email id)"

     Carrying glittering offer, the email was spreading rapidly.  It's surprising that the preys of these fishing hooks, are commonly the greedy people though, include a lot of educated and  professional hands along with the  people not much educated as well.  The benefit to the directors of this drama is, attaining a database of email ids and contact details for utilising to promote their online marketing campaigns.  The last line of the email precisely points out what it really intends.

     It was five years back I received one SMS, asking to forward the same SMS to ten others that could win me 30Dh credit in my mobile phone!  Repeatedly receiving the same message from many friends as forwarded, I was amazed, how the way people are responding to such kind of bloody traps.  The very next day one newspaper reported, the SMS had spread widely and cheated a number of people while the intention behind it was just mockery.  It's human-nature and a psychological fact that a person can easily be attracted by such tempting words.

   My memory goes back to another email campaign a couple of years back.  It was Microsoft itself then, offering the share of their profit to be divided through out the public.  We would be surprised, what a generous man Mr Bill gates is!  He would rather the poor and unknown commoners to be benefitted the shares of his hard earned money!   As usual, many guys replied blindly. The logic to have a rethink, why such a giant businessman like Bill gates must orchestrate an email campaign to share his profit among the public, is losing us while the growing greed overwhelming the rational thoughts.

  Winning lottery, nowadays, is another viably adopted method for cheating people.  I had posted an interesting experience in my malayalam blog regarding this topic.  This is the most dangerous way because a lot of people are being easily victimised to this, sending even their little salary to the cruel fishers, in order to embrace the heavenly fortune, for getting released their 'lottery-won money' from the legal formalities.  Most of these incidents are remaining unknown as the preys are always asked to keep concealed the matter even from friends to ensure the safe delivery of the money.

   And finally,  we have to realise, money is not going to bring us happiness other than more and more greed.  Happiness is nothing but a good health and a bad memory, as a saying goes.


  1. catching caption..!
    i was rushing to get a free laptop ;)

  2. Thanks masAi,
    I had to show the way people, easily being misled to such tempting captions.

  3. very nice post indeed. i also receive many such emails frequently.
    what surprises me most is the fact that many guys i otherwise understood as intelligent seems to get fooled by these emails and they eagerly forward it to others. then i realize how naive i was about their intelligence!

  4. Yes Salam bai, Lack of thinking is the problem. People rush, thinking maybe Biriyani giving there free, are being preys always.

  5. I think it had better leave such people alone to got to hell. We can't make them realize because they think they are intelligent.

  6. A free meal is the most attractive thing in this world but few people know that there is no free meal here A nice post.

  7. haha...nice one to share for...anyways from the past couple of days I was also receiving such mails, so as a solution i just created a filter and all such mails were directly deleted... :D

  8. Hai.. that's a good issue u have just highlighted.. greed of course, but one must be careful abt such ..

    even e-mails keep coming on winning a lottery..;) so funny..

    tempting but shouldn't touch such, i never would..

  9. Thanks Naderian, for the read and comment.

    VMS, as you said, here the problem is whether there a free meal or not. Thanks for coming again.

    Thanks Cynosur,
    Email filter is a must nowadays.

    Thanks for your nice words.

  10. Good post. I recently started receiving such stupid emails !

  11. nyce post..............reality depicts..

  12. wonderful shukoor
    all the best for your campaign against this type of frauds

  13. Lipi Ranju, Ali Ajmal, Rasheed Punnasseri, Thanks you all for the read and the nice words.

  14. what a nice line to end the post. I'll tell you one interesting thing, whenever I get messages of those kind, about forwarding to 10 people and you will get blah blah blah.. Guess what, I do with some twist. I send the same message to that sender, with some editing, actually i change 10 to 1000 or 10,000 :) :) :)

  15. Ha, ha....Jayendrasharan, You're more tactful than them.

  16. Ha Ha…Getting job offers from companies like British Airways & Shell Petroleum without an interview . Now just for the brand promotions free Laptops from Ericsson. We are so lucky & blessed to live in this century. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ha..ha. Shukoor you are also using the same trap to invite readers to your blog!. Any way interesting. I used to get same type of mails long back,some times about laptop , mobile phones and other gadgets people always dream of. Internet is getting more worse with this kind of fraud business.

  18. Hashik, You are correct. We're so lucky to be living in this century. Mohmmedkuttykka, What I do?! It was only way I could opt



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