Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sacrifice a child; get rich

     This title, only my imaginary fabrication, might have appeared in any of Ugandan local newspapers in order to attract the clients for witch-doctors who help people to gain the hidden treasures, appeasing the supernatural beings. Sacrificing a child is the easy way they recommend to get rich quickly.  Recent investigation of BBC about the rising number of child sacrifice in Uganda, startled the conscience of entire humanity, blurring the terrible scenes that only seen in horror movies and detective novels.

    Practicing this barbaric and inhuman ritual even in this 21st century, Uganda, also known as the "Pearl of Africa",  stains facade of the entire African culture in front of the world.  Growing greed of people, to get rich quickly, is the main temptation to forget their humanity for a while.  A lot of children are said to be missing and there's no trace of many of them.  Some of the discovered bodies were beheaded and some others were amputated.  Witch-doctors take the spirit of internal organs like heart, liver and kidneys,  and they use it to appease their respective supernatural beings.

     BBC team say, it was a former witch-doctor, Polino Angela,  now turned a 'Stop child sacrifice' campaigner, who helped them to find out the shocking truth behind these events.  He confessed that he himself participated 70 such incidents in one of which he killed his own only son, deceiving his wife.  He claims that now he is a full-time campaigner against this evil ritual and that will help him to get exonerated by the authorities. 

   However, we would be amazed, what kinds of diversified events are happening in the world.  Being Indians, we can be relieved in some ways, that we have not been facing such barbaric stupidities.  Nevertheless, we have to take measures to wipe off our comparatively smaller superstitious practices from our dignified society.


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