Friday, February 11, 2011

Ridiculous end of a dictator

                                                                        photo : The Hindu
Oh Mubarak,
Your time is over.
People dared to show...
this will be the consequence
if  the emotion of people was neglected.
They don't live in dark age now.

Your suppression was to no avail
Crowd with knowledge is like tsunami.
They can overcome obstacles like flowers.
Literacy is the  sharpest and sophisticated weapon
Unity is their strength.
You cannot defuse their emotion
See, you couldn't make them blind
with your crooked strategies.
The puppets you sent
to attack them were unveiled.
It formed a boomerang to topple you.

Here is the strong message this people conveyed to the world
"No more brutality of dictators to be allowed in the world."


  1. അനിവാര്യമായ പതനം ...

  2. yes it is...!
    at last the common people made it, we were all the witness, how a revolution takes place without so called weapons to shed the blood.
    Egypt, the land of Nile again proved to be the cradle of revolution.

    well said SHUKOOR

  3. one day they will win.. Mubarak resigned..i think this is the first step of their victory..

  4. Yes,No more brutality of dictators to be allowed in the world.Nice article.

  5. കര്‍ത്ന്തിരി പുകഞ്ഞിരുന്ന ആ ജനതതയിലേക്ക് ഒരു നെയ്ത്തിരി തെളിഞ്ഞു വരട്ടെ ......

  6. "No more brutality of dictators to be allowed in the world."
    നേരിനെ നേരം വെളുക്കൂ..............

  7. Dictators can Rule the country with their own strength..but how long? that's the question...You can't always ignore the rights of day they will arise because unity
    is the real strength.. Thanks for the Post.

  8. A wonderful first stage victory of the people in the modern age... But challenge is, how effectively the change is going to be...

  9. your words really catch the real emotion of Tahrir squire moments. the Jan 25th revolution as it will be known in history now onwards has declared that no tyranny, no dictator gonna rule the world forever as desired by the Zionists and uncle Sam. Long live the spirit, long live revolution. those who come this way may read my thoughts on this topic that i posted in malayaalm at the beginning or the uprising

    മീനച്ചിലാറിന്‍റെ ശോകവും, നൈല്‍ നദിയുടെ ക്ഷോഭവും

  10. Thanks Hafeez for beginning the comments.
    As you said, it was inevitable.

    Yes it was peaceful as Gandhi did in India.

    Yes this is first step and let's look forward for good follow ups.

    Muhammed kuttikka,

    yes Muthappu,
    Let them in light.

    Thank you very much.

    Dictators are success only up to their people become literate.

    It s really wonderful

    Thanks for your link Mr Salam. will come there ASAP

  11. Dear Shukkur,

    Soliloquy - literarily means.." Speech you make to yourself", I wonder you can make a Soliloquy to public? that is your caption..!! right?

  12. Hi Nisam,

    A crazy man can do his soliloquy in Public. Just consider it as a madness.

  13. Dear Nisam,

    After searching in the Oxford advanced learner's dictionary, I found the meaning of the word Soliloquy as given below.

    "A speech in a play in which a character, who is alone on the stage, speaks his or her thoughts aloud; the act of speaking thoughts aloud in this way;"

    So let me add, while we deeply analyze the literature; the literal word meanings are insufficient to have an opinion on what does it mean broadly.

  14. very well written
    and yes,the message is loud and clear as shown by many of the neighboring countries

  15. Thank you Sujatha... come again



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