Sunday, January 1, 2017

Poovaranthod - Serenity in greenery

    Poovaranthod, a remote high range village in eastern part of  Kozhikode district, is really a place that should be visited by everyone who loves the nature.  It was with my two friends, Majeed and Abbas, today I visited there in a holiday mood of new year and Sunday.  We three started on two bikes together at around 10 'O clock in the morning.  We passed through Mukkam town and took the route towards Koodaranji.
     Then moved towards to the Poovaranthod via Kuliramutty and Urumi that are the locations from where the ghat road begins. Urumi is also a nice place that is known for its hydro-electric project. Poovaranthod is around 8 km away from Koodaranhi, 20km away from Mukkam and 45 km away from Kozhikode city.

     Electricity is being produced there from the heavy flow of water which is vertically flowing from the top of the hill through the river.  This is a tributary of Iruvazhinjippuzha.  There is a small dam also.  We could see heavy turbines and generators in the power house.  Behind the power house premise, we could see a mini water fall and a few guys were enjoying the cool water by jumping from the rocks and swimming.  Some guys had carried food and were having it on the rocks.

     We left the place quickly as our real destination was Poovaranthod.

     We resumed riding the bikes. The road headed upward. It was really a ghat road.  In between I was blessed to have a glimpse of a wild creature that was only a mangoose which was busy crossing the road. It hid quickly in the shrubs.  Bikes moved.  There were view points that gave us beautiful sight of valleys downwards.  Gaining height through the ghat road, we could see a junction from where the road is split towards left and right. Both roads are upward.  We had to take both roads and at first we decided to go right that is towards 'Medappara'.

     We reached at Poovaranthod village in a few minutes.  At Poovaranthod, the tarmacked road ends.  Looking up, we could see a tall peak, top of which was a huge rock.   Local peoples said, that  is known as  'Medappara', a beautiful destination of trekkers.  Seeing the beauty of the peak, we decided to hit this location some other day in a more planned trip.  The off-road from Poovaranthod is said to be leading to Nayadampoyil, near Kakkadampoyil where the Pazhassi cave is situated.

     We moved back from the place and returned back to the junction. We took the other road and went ahead.   After about a kilometer we stopped the bikes where there is our real destination today.

     There is an unknown beautiful, huge water fall where we had to have swimming in the cool serene water.  That was our plan for the day.

     It is really a wonderful place.  The waterfall in the rocky terrain that was surrounded by greenery is outstanding and that could challenge any other noted tourist places of Kozhikode district.

Abbas in wilderness

     We took a few photographs, then  dived into the water.   After getting cooled the heart and body with  the water that seeped through the herbal shrubs of western ghats in this hot sunny weather, we moved back home.

     It was really a blessed day.

Enough. Let's go downwards for swimming.  Majeed

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  1. absolutely wonderful place and yes you were truly blessed to have such an outing.



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