Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An eternal recollection

This is my new scribble, which is going through the suspenseful moments of an adolescent boy during his endeavor to save the life of his sister.
Rotating the hands insanely;
In the deepness of a well he was;
Water could submerge him twice.
Endeavor to save the life of his sister,
who fell accidentally in the well;
She, being baby and helpless,
nothing prevented him;
jumped in, quickly following her;
as he might have lost her unless.
or entire world might have lost her fondly face.
But the things found to be horror;
excessive water was trouble enough
to get close her in the hands;
Being adolescent himself
only affection that led him
sacrificing himself for the sibling.
Despite the suffocation due to
repeatedly sinking,
he was adamant on action;
darkness entered in the eyes
being anxious whereabouts she was;
passing suspenseful moments
eventually touched her tip of hair
caught vigorously as a lightning of hope,
floated with her on the water surface;
hugged her with one hand
firmly posted the other on the step;
Screaming, shivering
And also she was trembling.
But, found uninjured!
He, sighed with extreme relief;
Satisfied by the chance
to save a precious life
Of whom he was fond of
by the grace of the Omnipotent!

Poem by Shukoor
Click here to read Malayalam version of this poem.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Face to face to death

Here is my latest poem written both in English & Malayalam. Theme is regarding an experience of accident we met in which we were rescued amazingly.

Night was it after a bright day
comfortably sleeping in the car;
return journey of a joyous picnic;

Suddenly, a terrible noise
dream then was like, I was
being fallen from a huge building
seemingly in to deepness
as a consequence of powerful quake;

Like a lightning,
media illustrative of disasters
flashed in the mind;

Awoken we all; there were screams around;
totally anxious, how is everyone?!
nothing visible, darkness around;

Gathered people, though in midnight;
crowd was unable to come close
for the rescue they intend;
afraid of electric shock,
alert of fire and explosion;
An electric post was hit down
Iron lines were hanging broken,
dangerously near to the car;
The plight of vehicle
resembles horror,
as though lost every life inside.
the car was upside-down in position;
we all, including babies
were trapped inside,

tried to break glass
but to no avail;
Later, opened the door any how;
Each one of us taken out
incredibly without injuries;

It would have been a nightmare;
It would have been a massacre;
Anyone of us would have
succumbed who's injuries;
Anyone of us would have
suffered at least an injury;
Instead; of course,
it was a miraculous escape
we overcame amazingly;

praising generously the Almighty,
for the mercy who donated,
exuberantly in the time.

Poem by Shukoor
Clicke here to read Malayalam version of this Poem...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dangerous friend

I, with my family, was visiting an agricultural fair in Kozhikode city held as part of Malabar Mahotsavam during my last vacation recently. When we were enjoying the various stalls, one man asked me to spend a few time in his stall.

I didn't refuse his enthusiastic invitation. It was a stall of various natural products especially products  made with 'Ramacham'. While we were watching the selling items, the man asked me to hold out one of  my arms firmly straight and insisted it must be powerful enough to resist any of his enforcement on the arm. I agreed and held out as he said. He tried to push down my arm forcefully. He was impossible to do as I used my complete energy to resist it. Then he asked me to hold my cell phone in my other hand and cautioned again to anticipate his next forceful physical test. Again he tried to push down my hand. But this time I was really amazed. What's happening!  I'm helpless to maintain my hand upright position which means the strength of my hand has been reduced approximately its half.

The man described me that it was the radiation of my cell phone influenced me made weaker. I stared at the cell phone anxiously. I was totally confused. What kind of a dangerous device that I have been carrying all along my journeys just like my shadow?!!

The man later discussed and literally made an elocution on the hazardous consequences of cell phone radiation and necessity of 'Ramacham' a species of perennial grass naturally growing in forests of Kerala to be used in our day-to-day life. It was because he was selling of various 'Ramacham' products like wallets, sandals, bags, carpets etc in his stall. However the incident sowed the seeds of fear about cell phones in my subconscious mind.


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