Monday, March 22, 2010

Face to face to death

Here is my latest poem written both in English & Malayalam. Theme is regarding an experience of accident we met in which we were rescued amazingly.

Night was it after a bright day
comfortably sleeping in the car;
return journey of a joyous picnic;

Suddenly, a terrible noise
dream then was like, I was
being fallen from a huge building
seemingly in to deepness
as a consequence of powerful quake;

Like a lightning,
media illustrative of disasters
flashed in the mind;

Awoken we all; there were screams around;
totally anxious, how is everyone?!
nothing visible, darkness around;

Gathered people, though in midnight;
crowd was unable to come close
for the rescue they intend;
afraid of electric shock,
alert of fire and explosion;
An electric post was hit down
Iron lines were hanging broken,
dangerously near to the car;
The plight of vehicle
resembles horror,
as though lost every life inside.
the car was upside-down in position;
we all, including babies
were trapped inside,

tried to break glass
but to no avail;
Later, opened the door any how;
Each one of us taken out
incredibly without injuries;

It would have been a nightmare;
It would have been a massacre;
Anyone of us would have
succumbed who's injuries;
Anyone of us would have
suffered at least an injury;
Instead; of course,
it was a miraculous escape
we overcame amazingly;

praising generously the Almighty,
for the mercy who donated,
exuberantly in the time.

Poem by Shukoor
Clicke here to read Malayalam version of this Poem...


  1. If you don't mind , eventhough I have no much idea about the English poems, I feel something is missing which are essential for a poem. I am not able to point it but, I just feel it when I read this poem.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment Mr Basheer. Certainly, it motivates me to explore more about English poems.

    Best whishes.

  3. It is a real sign of genius.If we really have a
    message to come will sure to come up in the most beautiful form of its expression.

    A nice piece of writing...Go ahead...all the world is at your side....
    Jabir,King Khalid University K.S.A.

  4. dear shukoor...
    nice ... excellent....

    thanx and regards




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