Friday, March 5, 2010

Dangerous friend

I, with my family, was visiting an agricultural fair in Kozhikode city held as part of Malabar Mahotsavam during my last vacation recently. When we were enjoying the various stalls, one man asked me to spend a few time in his stall.

I didn't refuse his enthusiastic invitation. It was a stall of various natural products especially products  made with 'Ramacham'. While we were watching the selling items, the man asked me to hold out one of  my arms firmly straight and insisted it must be powerful enough to resist any of his enforcement on the arm. I agreed and held out as he said. He tried to push down my arm forcefully. He was impossible to do as I used my complete energy to resist it. Then he asked me to hold my cell phone in my other hand and cautioned again to anticipate his next forceful physical test. Again he tried to push down my hand. But this time I was really amazed. What's happening!  I'm helpless to maintain my hand upright position which means the strength of my hand has been reduced approximately its half.

The man described me that it was the radiation of my cell phone influenced me made weaker. I stared at the cell phone anxiously. I was totally confused. What kind of a dangerous device that I have been carrying all along my journeys just like my shadow?!!

The man later discussed and literally made an elocution on the hazardous consequences of cell phone radiation and necessity of 'Ramacham' a species of perennial grass naturally growing in forests of Kerala to be used in our day-to-day life. It was because he was selling of various 'Ramacham' products like wallets, sandals, bags, carpets etc in his stall. However the incident sowed the seeds of fear about cell phones in my subconscious mind.


  1. I cannot agree with this experience. Mobile radiation is hazadous. but not like this. Mobile phones make dangerous radiation when we are using it. When it is idle, only less powered signals are produced.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It was my experience and later the man shown how 'ramacham' resists the radiation by holding a piece of 'ramacham' along with the cell phone in my hand.
    It was like a miracle. Sometimes it may be a psychological illusion but I felt as reality.

  3. Perhaps the reason was the loss of concentration. The mind got diverted by the thought of having to hold the cell phone firm so that it doesn't fall down and that took away a lot of power.......

  4. Personally, it is to be tested, diagnosed, and certified medically, then we can confirm Ramacham is remedy of medicine for mobile radiations,

    Friendly, it is to be advise to reduce the usages of mobile phone as it is transmitting radiations, Keeping on Shirt, Jeans pocket is more dangerous

    There are tips how to prevent mobile radiations,please adhere to those.

  5. Mr. Shukoor,

    This has nothing to do with the radiation. The reasons why you could not resist the other person is not because of the radiation you were holding in your other hand. Instead of cellpohone, if you hold anything, which you fear may drop and break, you take care not to drop the thing. So your concentration is diverted to the other hand. Remember when both the hands were empty, it was possible for you to resist the man. But you should remember one thing, we are living in a world where there is all possibility of radiation from various equipments we use.

    Jalaja Nair.

  6. You may visit for more scientific information about mobile phone radiation and its effects on human body.



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