Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pazhassi cave, Nayadampoyil

     Here are some pictures of Pazhassi cave at Nayadam poyil, Malappuram district. The tall rock behind is Pottan para, to where we had a trekking a few months ago.  Kakkadam poyil, Kozhippara waterfalls, Chempothi mala, Nilambur-Kakkadampoyil ghat road and many other trekking and off road spots are the nearby attractions. A large water theme park is also under construction in this area.

     Pazhassi cave is located inside the forest and one can reach there by 2km of walk from Nayadam poyil village. KSRTC bus is available upto Nayadam poyil. Buses are available both from Nilambur of Malappuram district and Mukkam, Thiruvampadi side of Kozhikode district.

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  1. I love caves. found one in the middle of Bombay. Interesting history they have



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