Friday, December 23, 2011

Never vanishing the flow of mercy

     Arun, you virtually defeated the death! What I would say.  Five human beings are living today with your donated organs.  What a lucky and blessed fellow you are!   You poured life blood into the veins of many persons who were really living in hopelessness!  Two people are going to watch the awesome scenes of world through your eyes! Your parents are equally to be praised.  They dared to act as per their principles.  At present, our problem is, we lack actions in accordance with our orations.  Any man can be a good orator, but being an activist is the difficult task.  Your parents proved that they can be good activists  irrespective of whatever their oration might be.

    Arun George,  only son of George Tharappel and Selina couples hailing from Koodaranji, Kozhikode, had lost his life after he sustained fatal injuries from a bike accident when he was on the way to his home from Mukkam after watching a movie.    His bike turned over after hitting on an electric post and he got injured very seriously.  Soon after the doctors confirmed his brain death, his parents were deciding to donate his all possible organs to those who are struggling for the life from organ failures.  Arun was an engineering student in Chennai.

   His kidneys were transplanted to Manju and Vineesh.  Manju, a 32 year old house wife, was undergoing dialysis for last five years due to kidney failure and the kidneys of her parents were not matching with hers though they were willing for the donation.  The decision of Arun's parents virtually turned a  blessing for Manju as she has been leading a pathetic life for a long time.  Manju's father Kunjumon and bother-in-law attended the funeral of Arun.  KSFE employee Pratheep kumar is the husband of Manju.  

   Arun's other kidney is transplanted to the body of Vineesh, an ITI student hailing from Thalassery.  He also was undergoing dialysis for the last four months.  His parents also were willing for the donation but the doctors refused to transplant since his mother was a liver patient and his father was 65 year old.  Arun's parent's decision was an unexpected fortune to this miserable family while they were circling in the whirlpool of disappointment.  Vineesh's siblings and parents are eager to convey their gratitude to the parents of Arun as their decision is a great blessing for them.

    A youth liver patient from Kozhikode is the beneficiary of Arun's liver.  Arun's both eyes will be transplanted to two different persons from Kozhikode soon.  Both corneas can be kept without any damage upto 94 hours in MK medium solution at Comtrust eye hospital, Kozhikode. 

    This unique incident reminds us that the rays of hope didn't completely vanish from our society.  Fountain of mercy will continue seeping from the inner circle of human society despite all kind of ongoing unfair events.

Read also : Malayalam news article in Madhyamam daily.
Picture from Madhymam.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tamil Nadu, we beg for our lives

     Mullapperiyar dam has again grabbed the media headlines after  an alarming situation formed due to mild tremors shook Idukki district, Kerala recently.   Though the epi-centre of quake was some far away from the dam site, the tremor had slightly affected the vicinity of dam as well.  Still, the recurrence of tremor causes concerns over the dam.  Quakes measuring 2.02 and 3.04 had shaken the area including the dam site. Some of the new studies state that the dam is not capable to withstand a quake measuring 6 in Richter scale.  Officials in-charge found two minor cracks in the bottom of the wall, said to have been caused by the quake.

     Mullapperiyar dam was built in 1895 and now is being operated by Tamil Nadu according to a lease agreement made between Maharaja of Travancore and Secretary of states for India on 29 October 1886.   The lease agreement was signed by Dewan of Travancore V Ram Iyengar and State Secretary of Madras State (under British rule) J C Hannington and it was an agreement  for 999 years.  The unfair and unprecedented lease was as part of British colonial exploitation of natural resources  those days.   British engineer John Pennycuick,  the chief engineer of the dam building project then, offered an expiry period of 50 years for the dam and now it has been 116 years since it's commissioning.

     People living in downstream villages are under 'sword of Damocles'.  Their nights are sleepless.   Hearing any rumbles make them panic.  Their children are sleeping with nightmares.  In case of Mullaperiyar dam collapses, a series of collapses will be followed.  The heavy rush of water will hit Idukki, Cheruthoni and Kulamavu dams and those wouldn't be able to with stand the monsterous force of water.  The consequences will be disasterous.  Almost 4 districts of Kerala will be wiped off.  35 lakhs of people will die.  Houses, premises, farms, and bio-diversity of Periyar reserve will be inundated.

     Meanwhile in Tamil Nadu, the issue is being portrayed in a different perspective.  The districts of Theni, Madurai, Dindugal, Sivaganga, and Ramanathapuram of the state are completely depending Mullaperiyar for their irrigation purposes.  Though the situation in Kerala is disasterous, the Tamil people misconceived that if the dam is decommissioned, the supply of water to their districts will be stopped.  Their farming lands are going to transform to barren lands.  The Tamil politicians, instead of convincing their people and making a bilateral solution for the menace,  evoke the Tamil sensitivity in order to avoid the reconstruction of the dam. They obviously play ugly political game on the issue.

     Tamil Nadu government has even gone to the extent that it has stopped screening of a hollywood movie 'Dam 999' in Tamil Nadu theatres which says nothing about Mullaperiyar dam.  Instead, the film portrays different cultures of India including the tradition of ayurvedha, Indian Music, astrology,  Indian culture and family bonds that exist in the people.  Only thing regarding dam collapse depicting in the movie is picturing of Banqiao dam catastrophe which had claimed the lives of millions of peoples of China in 1975.  The number 999 doesn't represent the lease agreement period of Mullaperiyar dam as it was misunderstood.  This number is september 9, 2009, on the date the dam collapsed as portrayed in the movie. 

    As the chief minister of Kerala, Ummen Chandy, stated very clearly, we are not going to interrupt the water supply to Tamil Nadu even in case of a new dam is built.  We are contending for the lives of  millions of our people.  We need the life when you need the water.  We are willing to provide the water abundantly for ever.  Tamil brothers, only you have to do is to permit us for building a new dam while keeping the water level of the reservoir reduced in order to ease the threat of collapse until the reconstruction of dam is over.  We beg for our lives. Please don't act reluctantly.
Picture : from Google.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sacrifice a child; get rich

     This title, only my imaginary fabrication, might have appeared in any of Ugandan local newspapers in order to attract the clients for witch-doctors who help people to gain the hidden treasures, appeasing the supernatural beings. Sacrificing a child is the easy way they recommend to get rich quickly.  Recent investigation of BBC about the rising number of child sacrifice in Uganda, startled the conscience of entire humanity, blurring the terrible scenes that only seen in horror movies and detective novels.

    Practicing this barbaric and inhuman ritual even in this 21st century, Uganda, also known as the "Pearl of Africa",  stains facade of the entire African culture in front of the world.  Growing greed of people, to get rich quickly, is the main temptation to forget their humanity for a while.  A lot of children are said to be missing and there's no trace of many of them.  Some of the discovered bodies were beheaded and some others were amputated.  Witch-doctors take the spirit of internal organs like heart, liver and kidneys,  and they use it to appease their respective supernatural beings.

     BBC team say, it was a former witch-doctor, Polino Angela,  now turned a 'Stop child sacrifice' campaigner, who helped them to find out the shocking truth behind these events.  He confessed that he himself participated 70 such incidents in one of which he killed his own only son, deceiving his wife.  He claims that now he is a full-time campaigner against this evil ritual and that will help him to get exonerated by the authorities. 

   However, we would be amazed, what kinds of diversified events are happening in the world.  Being Indians, we can be relieved in some ways, that we have not been facing such barbaric stupidities.  Nevertheless, we have to take measures to wipe off our comparatively smaller superstitious practices from our dignified society.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get a free laptop!

     Let me say first, my dear friends, neither am I going to give anyone of you a free laptop nor guiding you towards such an opportunity.  One of my friends forwarded me an email the other day, with a content offering me a free laptop, made me posting this topic.  In order to own the gift, as per the email, only I had to do was to forward the same email to some of my friends, putting a CC to the owner of email.
     It says.
     "Ericsson is distributing free laptops for their brand promotion.  They hope to increase their popularity and sale by this campaign. All you need to do is send an email about this promotion to 8 people and you will receive an Ericsson T18 laptop. 
     However, if you send an email to 20 or more people, you will receive an Ericsson R320 laptop.
     Make sure you send a copy to .............(email id)"

     Carrying glittering offer, the email was spreading rapidly.  It's surprising that the preys of these fishing hooks, are commonly the greedy people though, include a lot of educated and  professional hands along with the  people not much educated as well.  The benefit to the directors of this drama is, attaining a database of email ids and contact details for utilising to promote their online marketing campaigns.  The last line of the email precisely points out what it really intends.

     It was five years back I received one SMS, asking to forward the same SMS to ten others that could win me 30Dh credit in my mobile phone!  Repeatedly receiving the same message from many friends as forwarded, I was amazed, how the way people are responding to such kind of bloody traps.  The very next day one newspaper reported, the SMS had spread widely and cheated a number of people while the intention behind it was just mockery.  It's human-nature and a psychological fact that a person can easily be attracted by such tempting words.

   My memory goes back to another email campaign a couple of years back.  It was Microsoft itself then, offering the share of their profit to be divided through out the public.  We would be surprised, what a generous man Mr Bill gates is!  He would rather the poor and unknown commoners to be benefitted the shares of his hard earned money!   As usual, many guys replied blindly. The logic to have a rethink, why such a giant businessman like Bill gates must orchestrate an email campaign to share his profit among the public, is losing us while the growing greed overwhelming the rational thoughts.

  Winning lottery, nowadays, is another viably adopted method for cheating people.  I had posted an interesting experience in my malayalam blog regarding this topic.  This is the most dangerous way because a lot of people are being easily victimised to this, sending even their little salary to the cruel fishers, in order to embrace the heavenly fortune, for getting released their 'lottery-won money' from the legal formalities.  Most of these incidents are remaining unknown as the preys are always asked to keep concealed the matter even from friends to ensure the safe delivery of the money.

   And finally,  we have to realise, money is not going to bring us happiness other than more and more greed.  Happiness is nothing but a good health and a bad memory, as a saying goes.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Before letting our girls out

      My room-mate was weeping when I entered the room.  Exhausted after long duty, I wondered what he was crying for as it was unusual.  I never saw him in such a mood.  Being a friend, I realised it is up to me to console him.  While doing so, I paid attention him to listen what the reason was behind his unhappiness.

     The unwrapped story was shocking! It goes like this....
     He is survived by mother, two sisters and a brother. Father had passed away long before. Being the eldest, he took over the burden of that middle-class family.  Though his earning was limited, he fed the siblings and mother as prosperously as he could.  He provided siblings good education in spite of all financial inadequacy.  His pride overflowed when the eldest sister got admission in Banglore for studying BSc nursing soon after her higher secondary result arrived.  Buds of his dreams were getting blossomed one by one.

    Years after one day this sister came home.  Feeling not well.  Problem was serious.  It would have been a pleasure-giving 'illness' if she had married someone before.  But this is pathetic.  Shocking.   Being still unmarried, she was pregnant! And too late to avoid it.  How did it happen?! 

    She confessed him the story over the telephone.  

    She was staying in a hostel. She had rarely been back at home during her first year.  It was barely once in a month she visited home.  But when it was second year she grew more confident and started going home fortnightly then later weekly.  But though actually she got rid of hostel every week, she didn't reach at home any weekends.  Rather, she was getting out the train when it reaches Kochi in order to meet her newly acquainted boy-friend.

   She forgot her family atmosphere and responsibilities while being with him.  She mercilessly crushed under the foot the great hope that her brother had invested in her. She was celibrating while her brother was suffering the temperature of desert for her.

   Similar incidents are common and a number of girls from legitimate family are misled to these traffickings.  A few are caught while the majority are not.  Most of the cases grab public attention only the time those're being trapped with the pregnancy or such kind of dangers.

    However, I reached the point that I was helpless to console him while he was turning around in the whirlpool of extreme disappointment.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Prime minister's son to supply food at McDonald

      Gustaf makes revolution.  "A little work will be fun! feels really good."  He tweets.  If the media reports are trustworthy,  the son of Swedish prime minister has  recently opted to work with Mc Donalds as a waiter.  Of course he dares to challenge the growing vanity in youngsters of the present world.  It gives amazing feelings while going through the headlines in the western media. 
      I feel pity when having a look to Kerala, we Keralite youths are still insanely rushing behind the vanity.  Though some of us are big zeros in academic reputation, we hesitate to work in the soil.  We hate agriculture and farming.  We don't even like to put our bare foot upon our mother earth.  We depend labours of other states to meet  our man power requirement.  Consequently, as a state, we unprecedentedly adopted consumerism as a life style.

      The brave step of Gustaf is of course an excellent specimen for all of us to practice in the life.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shocking news! Organs also to be robbed?!

     I was really shocked after going through a  report in one Malayalam daily today. The report was about the abduction of a Keralite  newcomer man in Kuwait who just started working in a shop there barely since a couple of months ago.  He was abducted and set free after some hours at an uncrowded area.

     The incident took place during the daytime and which raises many questions since the man was abducted not for money or any other valuable items which he carried then.  Instead, it was suspected to be an attempt to traffic any of his organs probably one of his kidneys as though the narrating of the man obviously indicates.
     He says:
     He was on his way to the shop for his duty at around 3'o clock afternoon.  Some people were calling him to a parked van likely they had to clear some doubts about the location. Soon after reaching near the van he was unexpectedly pulled in to the van and quickly slammed the sliding door shut.  They grabbed his mobile phone and threw the SIM card away after destroying it.  The van was well arranged medically like an ambulance and they checked his blood group by getting his civil ID card at first. The two of three kidnappers were locals seemingly doctors while the other one was seemingly Pakistani who spoke Urdu.  The man panicked and started yelling when he listened the kidnappers discussed about his blood group.

     The Urdu speaking person sedated the man by letting him sniff chloroform and he doesn't remember what was happening after he fell unconscious.  The buttons of his shirt were unhooked when he woke up after some hours. It's significant that they were taking several tests on his body while he was unconscious. He had been cautioned fatal consequences in case he would inform anybody about the incident. They were dropping him off at an isolated area far away from the city at 12'o clock in the night.

     He was completely scared and taken back to the home by the help of some shop people of where he was dropped off.  He is also helpless to leave a petition to the police because of being  his visa a 'Qadim' one which would face several legal complications.

     This kind of incidents, however, leave anxiety in the heart of commoners who walk through the road carelessly.  What guarantee we can offer to our precious organs if they could be robbed like our wrist watch, mobile phone or money wallet etc...?

Friday, March 11, 2011

A romantic murder

In this post, I try to present one of my Malayalam stories in English.  The Malayalam version is available here.

     Eventually, our longtime romance met success.  The wedding took place with the blessing of either families and relatives. The pleasure was unprecedented and it was like we entered in the heaven alive. Even though our hearts were unified each other since the beginning of the love itself, we also attached physically each other after the marriage. We missed each other even for a short-while of separations. The world we found, has been transformed to a garden filled with wonderfully blossomed flowers. All the surroundings like the coolness of rain, romantic appearance of moonlit nights and the golden shining of sunlight days conveyed us miraculous feelings of illusions. We were literally enjoying the sweet dreams of honeymoon.

     Being a woman, my natural desire for fondling my own baby was temporarily pointless due to our meaningless fear of hurdle to the comfortable stay in honeymoon. We were blinded enough even not to imagine such an irritating break for that paradise only because of a newcomer. We could not even think of sharing ourselves  with a third one then even if it is a part of us.  Yet, I got unexpectedly conceived since his mental control was surrendering to the extreme emotions of some ecstatic moments

     The anxiety of losing the comfort was more than enough to make us crazy. We grew furious to the entire world. A pregnancy and delivery will certainly derail the pleasures of honeymoon. Nothing to rethink. Rushed to hospital. When the family doctor refused to forget his ethics, We ran  for a costlier deal, and compromised with another physician. We were insanely looking for the ways to maintain the honeymoon status for some more years.  We went with our plans and we paid for getting  our  unborn destroyed without thinking for a second time.  At last,  the atrocity we made reality. We stabbed our unborn baby in to death brutally in the womb!

     Decades passed.  Solitude hits me. That abortion reduced my womb to a mere piece of flesh. I swam across the ocean of sorrows because of the isolation gifted me by that incident. I have never been blessed with another child again. My husband had already started making his own choices  to ensure the continuity of his clan. I have still been melting with deep regret and desperation.

    Oh my dear child, I denied your right to be born. I denied your right to feel the wonderful miracles of the universe.  Your fondly face extinguishes the tiny flames of peace and calmness of my heart.  Won't you forgive my serious sin since I have passed rest of the life through miserable paths only because the cruelty I did on you!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ridiculous end of a dictator

                                                                        photo : The Hindu
Oh Mubarak,
Your time is over.
People dared to show...
this will be the consequence
if  the emotion of people was neglected.
They don't live in dark age now.

Your suppression was to no avail
Crowd with knowledge is like tsunami.
They can overcome obstacles like flowers.
Literacy is the  sharpest and sophisticated weapon
Unity is their strength.
You cannot defuse their emotion
See, you couldn't make them blind
with your crooked strategies.
The puppets you sent
to attack them were unveiled.
It formed a boomerang to topple you.

Here is the strong message this people conveyed to the world
"No more brutality of dictators to be allowed in the world."


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