Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Prime minister's son to supply food at McDonald

      Gustaf makes revolution.  "A little work will be fun! feels really good."  He tweets.  If the media reports are trustworthy,  the son of Swedish prime minister has  recently opted to work with Mc Donalds as a waiter.  Of course he dares to challenge the growing vanity in youngsters of the present world.  It gives amazing feelings while going through the headlines in the western media. 
      I feel pity when having a look to Kerala, we Keralite youths are still insanely rushing behind the vanity.  Though some of us are big zeros in academic reputation, we hesitate to work in the soil.  We hate agriculture and farming.  We don't even like to put our bare foot upon our mother earth.  We depend labours of other states to meet  our man power requirement.  Consequently, as a state, we unprecedentedly adopted consumerism as a life style.

      The brave step of Gustaf is of course an excellent specimen for all of us to practice in the life.


  1. I agree with you. A timely post for Kerala.

  2. Thank you very much Mr VMS for reading and commenting.

  3. surely we mallus are the greatest humbugs of the whole world. we have a lot to learn from the Europeans in this regard.

  4. Yes Salam bai.

    We try to imitate Europeans but not in good things



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