Friday, December 23, 2011

Never vanishing the flow of mercy

     Arun, you virtually defeated the death! What I would say.  Five human beings are living today with your donated organs.  What a lucky and blessed fellow you are!   You poured life blood into the veins of many persons who were really living in hopelessness!  Two people are going to watch the awesome scenes of world through your eyes! Your parents are equally to be praised.  They dared to act as per their principles.  At present, our problem is, we lack actions in accordance with our orations.  Any man can be a good orator, but being an activist is the difficult task.  Your parents proved that they can be good activists  irrespective of whatever their oration might be.

    Arun George,  only son of George Tharappel and Selina couples hailing from Koodaranji, Kozhikode, had lost his life after he sustained fatal injuries from a bike accident when he was on the way to his home from Mukkam after watching a movie.    His bike turned over after hitting on an electric post and he got injured very seriously.  Soon after the doctors confirmed his brain death, his parents were deciding to donate his all possible organs to those who are struggling for the life from organ failures.  Arun was an engineering student in Chennai.

   His kidneys were transplanted to Manju and Vineesh.  Manju, a 32 year old house wife, was undergoing dialysis for last five years due to kidney failure and the kidneys of her parents were not matching with hers though they were willing for the donation.  The decision of Arun's parents virtually turned a  blessing for Manju as she has been leading a pathetic life for a long time.  Manju's father Kunjumon and bother-in-law attended the funeral of Arun.  KSFE employee Pratheep kumar is the husband of Manju.  

   Arun's other kidney is transplanted to the body of Vineesh, an ITI student hailing from Thalassery.  He also was undergoing dialysis for the last four months.  His parents also were willing for the donation but the doctors refused to transplant since his mother was a liver patient and his father was 65 year old.  Arun's parent's decision was an unexpected fortune to this miserable family while they were circling in the whirlpool of disappointment.  Vineesh's siblings and parents are eager to convey their gratitude to the parents of Arun as their decision is a great blessing for them.

    A youth liver patient from Kozhikode is the beneficiary of Arun's liver.  Arun's both eyes will be transplanted to two different persons from Kozhikode soon.  Both corneas can be kept without any damage upto 94 hours in MK medium solution at Comtrust eye hospital, Kozhikode. 

    This unique incident reminds us that the rays of hope didn't completely vanish from our society.  Fountain of mercy will continue seeping from the inner circle of human society despite all kind of ongoing unfair events.

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Picture from Madhymam.


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