Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Vayalada view point

     Search for tourist locations in Kozhikode district continued and lately I reached Vayalada.  I had read  many articles in Facebook and newspapers about this location, it is a well known place nearby and an ideal destination for a one day trip even with family as well.  It is actually a beautiful place, one can be reached there by own vehicle or a KSRTC bus starting from Kozhikode city.

     I, with my friend Abbas, reached at Vayalada around 3 pm. Vayalada is a small village located in Kozhikode district, around 50km away from the city. It is a high range place. From 'Estate mukku', a bus stop in the Edavanna- Koyilandy state high-way, between Balussery and Thamarassery, we have to take a turn towards Kakkayam route. At Thalayad, we need to take left turn where the sign board says 6km towards Vayalada. After a kilometer, the ghat road begins. This is the route. 

     We started ascending in that sunny atmosphere.  Gaining height, there is a small junction, from there we turned towards right that road is heading towards Vayalada view point. From the tarmacked main road, there is an off road towards left. It is the way to the view point. 

     The road is suitable only for off-road driving. We moved on foot from there. That road was really steep. Along the left side of the way, there was a rivulet in which thin flow of water was there. Either sides of the stream were crowded with bamboo trees which gave a dark look all along.  Huge rocks had stood vertically on the sides. At a point one rock stood head of the passerby just like an umbrella. 

We walked upward.  Started little bit panting but was not much. We gained more height. The road was heading ahead more narrow. After sometimes, we reached on the top. The view there was amazing. Looking down the atmosphere  was misty. The view of water body that  formed as a backwater due to  the hydro electrical project, Kuttiadi, in the river Kuttiady puzha was visible from there. The stagnate water was making a beautiful view for  a long distance, I think, its length may be more than a dozen kilometer. 

We spent an hour there, took photographs.  A group of women and a newly wedded couples also were there enjoying the beauty of the place wading and sitting over the rocky patches.  The number of tourists were less, it may be because of the recent demonetization issue that financially hit the people. 

We started descending soon, reached back to Thalayad, had a tea and drove back home.

The experience was interesting.

(All pictures of this post are taken by TP Abbas)


  1. Tourists were less because of democratization :)

    Kozhikode has many such little unexplored places I must say

    1. Thank you Sujatha.

      I mean demonetization..

      You are correct about Kozhikode



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