Thursday, February 26, 2015

Is Copying the solution?

     Writing a blogpost is not an easy affair. I realise this while sitting to write down something. But when we read the posts written by others, simply we feel that it is an easy job. It is from this perspective, one intends to publish a blog. But on the way ahead, the 'writer's block' badly attacks him.  As result, the blog remains dead after posting a few notes! Same plight happens for the facebook posts also.

     So, they reach into the conclusion that copying only will be the solution to stay alive. But once the copying is noticed by someone, the long earned reputation goes evaporated!  Many friends' fb posts, nowadays I see, are copied from any other's posts.

     Sometimes they share any legendary celebrity's quotes. But they deliberately forget to include the author's name in the bottom. If the reader didn't realise that the post is a copied one, he would normally think that the guy is a great writer. And when someone notices the malpractice and leaves a comment indicating the source of the quote, quickly he edits the post and adding the name of real author. I experienced this from some of my friends.

     Anyway all the best wishes to those who write and publish themselves

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